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3 Rules and 3 Tools

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Welcome to our tip of the week! This one is titled 3 Rules and 3 Tools. 

These six simple tips act as a starting point for taking control of your website. If you are a business owner or new to digital marketing, you need to know what these are all about. We love quick and simple techniques and think you will too. 

Define the 3 rules

So there are three rules that every website must follow. 

The first rule, your website must work perfectly on mobile. The second rule, your pages should load within 2 seconds. The third rule, keep your content fresh and relevant.

Next, there are three tools that every business owner needs to know about. The first tool is to know how fast your pages load. The second tool tells you if your site is working great on mobile devices. The third tool promotes your website so more people can find it. 

Break down the website rules

Let's review each rule in more detail.

Design for Mobile-First Rule #1

Why do we put mobile-first? Why is that the preferred modern strategy? Well, firstly, customers spend more time on their mobile devices than anything else these days. Additionally, when you know that your potential customers are looking on a small screen, it makes you focus only on communicating the essentials. It is worth pointing out that mobile usage surpassed the desktop a long time ago. 

Page Loads in 2 Seconds Rule #2

Make your website's pages load fast! View this as a requirement, and we highlight why. According to Google's guidelines, you only get a positive speed test outcome if your page loads under two seconds. Next, If your visitors come and perceive your site to be slow, they will abandon the page, and there's a good chance they won't be back. There is one more key reason for auditing your pages for load time. This is Google rewards faster loading websites with higher search rankings. So, having a super-fast loading page can mean simply this, when people do a Google search, your page may come up above others because of this reason! 

Quality Content Rule #3

Have fresh content! Why do you need to update your content on a regular basis? Let's dig into this. Your website can not be a setup and leave it, type of tool. It must be a living, dynamic marketing tool in order to generate traffic organically. If you are not demonstrating active engagement, your visitor numbers will shrink. Once again, it is reported that Google's algorithm rewards websites for having current and relevant content.

Now let's get into looking at some free tools Google provides us. All of the tools are free and linked below. 

Page Speed Test Tool # 1

Tool number one is Page Speed Insights. It is a great tool that measures your page load times. Every website manager must have this tool handy because you don't want to rely on your own opinion regarding page speed. Moreover, this tool separates load times by mobile versus desktop. Because we know mobile is critical for business success, we need to see how well it is performing on mobile devices. Lastly, this tool is exceptional because it also gives detailed improvement opportunities. Getting ideas about boosting load time is like getting free consulting. 

Mobile-Friendly Test Tool # 2

Tool number two is the Mobile-Friendly Test. Whether your page will pass or fail, this tool offers a ton of good ideas. First, it can simulate how your page will look on a mobile device. This view is very helpful for tweaking final design elements. If you do have mobile usability issues, they will be itemized and shown back to you on the tool's page. Again, Google goes above and beyond by offering solutions for each problem your pages might have. 

Rank It Better on Google Tool # 3

Tool number three is actually multiple tools, and its name is the Google Search Console. While it would be too time-consuming to go into every detail about this tool, the critical thing to know is that it exists. The core idea about this tool is that it is a fundamental part of getting your website recognized by Google. You use it to submit your pages for review, and then several things happen. It correctly becomes part of the Google search results.

Additionally, you can gain insights about page performance. Learn about visitor trends, such as which page is the most visited. Find out what keywords visitors are searching on to find your content. All of these things are critical when trying to improve online digital marking strategies.

In Summary, we want to offer simple and critical factors for building up your business. Every business has a digital presence that can be improved. Let's review our tips. 

  • Make your website mobile-friendly. 
  • Make it fast. Superfast.
  • Keep it full of fresh and relevant content. 

Schedule using these free and critical tools. 

We are happy to share our digital marking knowledge, and this is just a sample. Ask us anything. We are here to help you succeed. Thank you, and we wish you every success!

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