Want more customers?

Of course, who wouldn't want more views, more leads, and more customers? The better question is always - How do you get them? There are so many online marketing options to choose from. So what is the best way to spend your time and money on online marketing? 

5 Things Every Business MUST Do

  1. Own & optimize Google My Business
  2. Use a modern mobile-first Website
  3. Promote with a Facebook Business Page
  4. Define and follow a digital marketing strategy
  5. Follow a Maintenance Plan

These 5 fundamental digital marketing activities are precisely what every business owner must do to open shop and remain competitive in 2020. After mastering the basics, consider more advanced marketing techniques for earning new opportunities, beating out your competition, and quickly growing your brand. 

Next Level Digital Marketing

When a company has a sufficient digital foundation, we suggest focusing on paid online advertising. Once implemented, companies can see 2x, 3x,4x+ return on investment by using Facebook Ads. 

Facebook advertising has become super popular because of its effectiveness. Every business owner should understand how to leverage this social media platform. When done correctly, the advertising platform brings an excellent return on investment. Can you learn how to do this yourself? Yes! However, many rely on expert assistance, just like many car owners don't change their oil.

Top benefits of the Facebook platform:

  • Facebook Advertising is the cheapest form of advertising
  • Facebook advertising increases revenue, sales, and leads
  • Customers spend a ton of their time on Facebook 
  • You can Micro-Target Your Exact Audience
  • Create Ads according to Your Specific Objective
  • Reach Far More People than you ever will With regular posting
  • Facebook paid ads to generate in-store traffic

It's easy to get started with online digital marketing. Begin with a web presence analysis.

How we help

RANK IT BETTER is an online marketing agency focused on providing simple foundational services. We help businesses establish this solid foundation first, one that they can easily build upon. For established companies, we examine your online footprint and present opportunities that are in alignment with your goals. 

Low hanging fruit to consider:

  1. Google My Business Listing with ongoing updates & reviews
  2. A well maintained Fast & Mobile-First website
  3. SEO Best Practices
  4. Build you a custom Facebook Chatbot for immediate customer service
  5. Facebook Advertising

Web Presence Analysis

Discover new opportunities for growing your brand. Get genuine feedback, plus actionable recommendations.
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3 Rules & 3 Tools

Every business owner should know about these simple guiding principals and basic tools to know their most important digital marketing asset is operating correctly (Your Website). We are happy to share our digital marking knowledge, and this is just a sample. Ask us anything. We are here to help you succeed.

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